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This is the personal website of Mic Dover while micdover.com gets sorted (could take years). NZstories.com used to be a media company specialising in the creation and dissemination of high end editorial and photography for magazines, newspapers and websites in New Zealand, Australia, the UK and North America.

But now it's on the back burner while I sell/drink beer and create beer events. See here , here and here for my current activities.

Articles published online by Mic Dover:
Liverpool Sunset (NZ Listener, 2006) A Nice Wee Drop (NZ Listener, 2006) Beyond the Wire (NZ Listener, 2006)

The Future of Food
(Idealog, 2007) Marlborough Man (Idealog, 2008) An Idyll Life (Sally Burton) (NZ House & Garden, 2008)
Greece is the Word
(NZ House & Garden, 2009) Beyond Provence (NZ House & Garden, 2009)
New Zealand's "mainland islands"
(The Environmental Magazine, USA, 2006)
Web News Aggregation
Conjuring Trick or Brave News World? (E-Content, 2007)
Ebb and flow: news on the net (UK Guardian, 2007)
Greenpeace marks bombing anniversary
(BBC Online News, 2005) 'Destructive fishing' ban for NZ (BBC Online News, 2006)
Chilling Signals
(NZ Listener, 2005) Secrets in Suburbia (NZ Listener, 2005)

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